Live and Let Live: Practice True Democracy for Once in Lifetime

Live and Let Live: Practice True Democracy for Once in Lifetime
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Our major problem with our democracy is emanating from praise singers for our government and not the government itself. I have taken a holistic view and that was exactly what I deduced happening in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.

Why not allow your government to work and let people praise them, I know, no matter how a government is – there will be people that will talk bad about it but let’s take a look at the government of Dede Sam Mbakwe, then we never had praise worshippers of the government but alas he got a lot of praise from almost everyone because of the honesty he exhibited in his governance. Let the citizens feel you for what you do for them and not a selected few drumming praises when the majority ain’t seeing nothing at all.

I mean if you are eating from the government, eat quietly and don’t disturb others with your constant praise!

Just as seen on the website:  in the conversation and I quote – Former governments are being investigated, prosecuted, and even jailed worldwide.

In Bolivia, ex-President Jeanine Áñez was arrested on terrorism, conspiracy, and sedition charges on March 13. A week before, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to prison for corruption and influence peddling.

Israel’s sitting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently on trial. Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, faces trial in May. And in the U.S., New York prosecutors are investigating former President Donald Trump’s business dealings.

Please let others have peace! We haven’t seen much that is why we ain’t talking yet! I mean a government could have good intentions but could be distracted by such praises.

All I am saying is let the government work and save them from going through the crisis of thinking they have done much already! If they don’t do well then let the law take its cause on them. For every elected individual in government, I will advise you to serve with honesty because we will only remember you for the good things you have done. After all, John F Kennedy said in his inaugural speech  “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

If Nigeria and most African countries apply these principles, you will see things work accordingly. Then we hold all these praise worshippers responsible for our failed government. Please note that I am not affiliated with any party – I am only trying to fix our issues. We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the Nigerian Eagle in order to feather their own nests.


– Ob Fado

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