Trump Earns New Nickname After Impeachment Acquittal

Trump Earns New Nickname After Impeachment Acquittal
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IBT reports that Former President Donald Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial has earned him a new nickname from the folks on Twitter.

On Saturday, “Teflon Don” began trending on the social media platform with spectators comparing the 74-year-old to former mafia boss John Gotti. Teflon is a chemical used for a variety of purposes, including creating nonstick surfaces, according to Healthline.

Gotti was nicknamed Teflon Don because of his past of avoiding convictions throughout the 1980s in which prosecutors struggled to get charges to stick, History reports.

Meanwhile, Trump has received the nickname after being charged with inciting the insurrection on the Capitol on Jan. 8 and being acquitted on a technicality. The verdict left people in the Twitterverse outraged.

“This was a big waste of money and time his name might as well be Teflon Don. he’s as dirty and as guilty as they come but yet he’s still going to get away with it because some fast-talking lawyers and some very racist crooked Republicans decided not to find him guilty. Disgusting,” one person wrote.

Another person added, “We all know he will get away with it and the murders due to covid. Always has been Teflon Don. No consequences. It should scare the hell out of us. If there is no penalty he or someone else will do it again and succeed.”

Meanwhile, one person wanted to remind people that Gotti was eventually punished for his crimes.

“Just remember the Teflon Don was eventually convicted and Trump is an idiot, not a gangster,” the individual wrote.

Trump was able to escape impeachment due to a 57-43 vote in his second impeachment trial, NBC News reports. Although Kentucky Congressman Mitch McConnell stated the vote to acquit did not excuse Trump’s behavior, he insisted the former president was “constitutionally not eligible for conviction” since he was no longer in office.

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