Biden Enjoying Solid Approval Ratings Early In Term

Biden Enjoying Solid Approval Ratings Early In Term
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According to IBT, President Joe Biden has a higher job approval rating early in his term than any Republican president from the last 40 years. That is according to polling from multiple sources.

In a Gallup poll conducted from Jan. 21-Feb. 2, Biden’s approval rating was 57%. Only 37% disapproved and 6% had no opinion.

The approval rating matched George W. Bush’s rating from early February 2001. Only Barack Obama’s 68% in January 2009 and Bill Clinton’s 58% mark in January 1993 were higher over the last 40 years.

In early 1981, Ronald Reagan had a 51% approval rating, the same as George H.W. Bush in January 1989.

Donald Trump’s approval rating in January 2017 was 45%, the lowest over the same period.

However, Biden’s ratings did move to the top in one area. Showing the stark political polarization in the country, 6% of respondents said they had no opinion of Biden. That compares to 10% who answered the same way when asked about Trump in 2017 and 18% about the second Bush presidency in 2001.

The president who garnered the most indifference over the last 40 years was the elder Bush at 43%. That’s followed by Reagan (36%), Clinton (22%) and Obama (21%).

Biden and Trump (45%) are the only presidents over the last four decades to have a disapproval rating of more than 25% early in their terms.

Gallup senior editor Jeffrey M. Jones wrote that the numbers could be as good as it gets for Biden’s approval ratings.

“With essentially no room to improve among Democrats and early indications that Biden will struggle to get more than 10% approval from Republicans, 57% overall approval may be near the ceiling Biden can expect to receive,” Jones wrote. “The key to maintaining majority approval for Biden, important for his reelection chances down the road, rests with him staying in independents’ good graces.”

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