Bimbola Wright describes achievements of her Legendary grandfather

Bimbola Wright describes achievements of her Legendary grandfather
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Bimbola Wright writes about her grandfather on Linked in and It will interest ya to know she is a grandchild of the inventor of the Alabukun Powder and she writes –

“Jacob Odulate, a Nigerian chemist who died in 1962 aged 74 was my grandfather and inventor of Alabukun powder, an affordable, highly effective analgesic that remains very popular in Nigeria today.

Grandpapa, an out-of-the-box thinker, sent his daughters to UK universities for degree courses at a time few Nigerian women had that privilege. Notable beneficiaries are Stella Olubukunola Odesanya (my mother, educationist, first female Chief Inspector of Education in Lagos State, Nigeria) and Folake Solanke (my aunt, lawyer, first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria).

My mum and aunt, 98 & 87 years old respectively are still going strong and committed to continuous learning. Mum uses a laptop, ipad and smart phone, sends emails and text messages. My aunt is still invited for speaking engagements.

Female members of the 3rd and 4th generation are all university graduates, excelling in various fields. The 5th generation, still young, are already standing out. Grandpapa combined leadership, innovative and critical thinking skills brilliantly.

He built the incredible Alabukun brand which has outlived him and he birthed generations of super-achievers. What an inspiring individual. Well done Grandpapa, your legacy lives on”.

What a legend he is and truly he has produced mentors to the Nigerian economy such as Bimbo Adesanya the Executive Director, Wright & Co.


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