This Life no balance but never you loose hope – God dey!!!

This Life no balance but never you loose hope – God dey!!!
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I woke this morning feeling very dejected and downcasted – immediately I knew the devil has come to play. That’s how he usually comes and starts suggesting very wild thoughts and telling ya what are ya living for, he begins to suggest ways you can end your!

He says why don’t ya tie a rope and end it? O’boy try snipper naa? This life you are living is it really worth it – damn! There is nothing the devil cannot do. He begins to recall things done in the past and tells ya there is a punishment for that crime! Lies, God has already assured us if you sin and confess your sins with your heart – He has forgiven you.

Brethren you got to be careful not to let the devil crawl in during your dark times. Just today I saw a poster of a man who achieved lots before the age of 25. He had already built a house, was driving a state of the art posh car, had a sweet girlfriend but just 2days to his 26th birthday with all hope and vigor beaming to the skies he lost his life!

Vanity! Yes that’s what the world will shout but the spiritual controls the physical. There is a lot happening physically that young men do not understand…so pray for God to open your spiritual eyes so you can see or your story might not be too far from the young man you just read his story.

There is so much to gain by knowing Christ, living like Him though it is quite unachievable! But you gat to try. Knowing the Holy Spirit is lovely! It guides you and makes ya know that life is full of opportunities. It might not be working for you now but tomorrow might be different.

I have seen things that made me believe instantly in the power of Jesus! Yes my life is just a testimony but hey let’s not digress. Lately Nigeria has been going gaga! It seems like the survival of the fittest these days. Things just changed from the way I knew the country to be. Firms do not have patience with staff anymore! Firing up and there! One little ish – Boom! You are fired!

Cost of things is going haywire – Just yesterday my very good friend was complaining after she came back from the market – Why? Things are damn to expensive! You go to the market today you return tomorrow price has already changed. That’s the state of life in Nigeria now.

Advice to husbands please – Abeg increase the sum you give to your wifey for feeding oh! Or you totally cut down on some things that are not necessary. Like cutting down the numbers of women you ask out! Yeah – If you are married stay married! Same applies to women, make do with what you have, don’t sleep with every Tom and Harry to live! Find something and start! Heaven still blesses!

I have so much to say but I guess I will break here for now! Read with the intention of understanding – God bless you and bless your hustle, Stay Strong!!!

– Fado

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Fado is a gentleman that has seen and toured the world and wants to orchestrate everything via a blog. He is a strong Barca Fan, natural and unassuming but with a brain like a magnet. He loves music, poems and is very inspirational on his write-ups. He tends to write via his experiences and hopes one day that the world will be a better place and his favourite quote is - the downfall of a man is not the end of his life! whatsapp him on 08053129093 to chat him or call him!

2 thoughts on “This Life no balance but never you loose hope – God dey!!!

  1. Good ending, very encouraging!
    The beginning??? I wonder the level ; the fierceness of challenge that can suLggest ‘SUICIDE’ to someone who hears the WORD OF GOD… I WONDER!
    I can understand 1) discouragement, 2) faithless worries, 3)fear -of the future, and sorts. But the thought to ‘end it’/ suicide’ is highly unacceptable (FOR A CHILD OF GOD O)! For one who doesn’t place any value on the gift of life and the attached responsibility, suicidal thoughts are normal.
    This is a fallen world, evil is tnevitable. So, we must believe the promises of God to PULL THROUGH. it works!
    Thanks be to GOD, the write-up took a JESUS turn , from the middle through the end.
    Remain blessed!

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