Condolence visit to Chika Mbata turns to a great gathering of Mates

Condolence visit to Chika Mbata turns to a great gathering of Mates
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So yesterday was a day I will never forget in a hurry! Yesterday a selected group of G96 members paid a courtesy visit to a member of G96 – Mr Chika Mbata for a condolence visit (He lost his twin kids). The event which was supposed to spur on our brother turned to a great gathering of friends as we remembered a lot from the early 90s.

President of G96 – Kelechi Ahamba

The Delegation included  the President of G96 – Kelechi Ahamba (Aham B),Financial Secretary –  Morgan Ohanjunwa (Morgy D), Chibueze Iroanya (RushWork), Ugochukwu Ugochukwu Onyedilefu (Abacha), Secretary – Okenna Anugwelem (Onowu) and PRO – Obiajulu Okwuosa (Ob Fado) & Ugochukwu Ifeanyi (Don Sisi)

Chika Mbata brought “oji” (Kola) which he blessed and made a remark that was quite consoling. He said and I quote “Thank you brothers for coming to stand with me but I know that what happened is already past and it is going to usher new things in the life of my family” and G96 agreed and the “oji” was moved to the President of Association Barr. Kelechi Ahamba who blessed the “Oji” and justice was served immediately…lol!

Mr Chika Mbata

Then the Financial Secretary of the association – Mr Morgan Ohajunwa, a charted accountant by profession handed over a little envelope from the association to the wife of Chika Mbata – Mrs Nkemdili Mbata.

Mrs Nkem Mbata

Then came Item! We didn’t expect the kind of treat we got as there were lots to drink and dine on while the group chatted.

We went back to reminiscent times and talked about films that where the talk of town then, as we remembered most of the horror movies that were in vogue then example is “Willie Willie” a horror sitcom then that captivated the whole town, Hammer House Of Horror, Evil Dead and Exorcist. Other movies that came up were the then kids no.1 movie – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Delta Force, Raw Deal, Commando, Conan the Destroyer just to mention a few.

From L- R: Don Sisi, Morgy D, Rushwork, Abacha, Mrs Nkem Mbata

After the everything – Obiajulu Okwuosa (OB Fado) said the closing prayers and thanked the Lord for keeping members alive, He thanked the Lord for protection towards the Mbatas and decreed that G96 shall gather again for celebrations soon enough in the same building.

G96 Crew and The Mbatas

Later on the group went out to take pics together and the jokes continued till every member departed. It was truly a good meet up of mates – Up G96! Your members shall live long and continue fostering the love shared in the brotherhood.

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