Have you heard of NSPPD yet?

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Have you heard of the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD) happening every morning by 7am?

Wow God is doing wonders through His anointed man of God – Pastor Jerry Eze and fellow pastors Mummy Eno and Pastor Uguru. Truly what God cannot do does not exist! This has been a word popularized by this Prayer line and yes it is going places already.

Are you tormented by the chains of hell and looking for deliverance? Then look no further – Cos this is the answer you have been looking for, A new wave of anointing has befallen the world and it is coming through this fellowship.

We have seen several blood groups change, We have seen a dead woman being raised via His words, we have seen the long tormented being restored, We have seen the blind see, we have seen the lame walk, what manner of miracles have we not witnessed on this platform.

Even other pastors are recommending it to their congregation. It is not about a church but about people of God gathering under one platform and praising God.

What started with a few hundreds has now grown into thousands and Truly God is there and still showing himself for whom He truly is. God is still the same today, yesterday and forever.

Kindly tune in every 7am via Youtube, Instagram or Facebook, Search for Streams of Joy and Boom! There you go!

It is no longer necessary to move from place to place in search of miracles when you can actually get it from where ever you are in any part of the world. The fellowship is so powerful that TBN is already showing it on their channel.

These are times for the strange acts of God and it is coming courtesy of Streams of Joy. Connect and you will never be disappointed that you joined. I joined via a link that was sent through my distant cousin..lol! and ever since then I have been glued to it. A trial will only convince you. God spoke once and it is heard all over the world. Truly, What God cannot do does not exist.

Are you an NSSPDian…Go ahead join on Monday through Friday and you will be glad you did. God Bless you.

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2 thoughts on “Have you heard of NSPPD yet?

  1. Shalom, i have a prayer request: people in Israel and all over the world get vaccinated by mRNA medication. It’s no vaccines it’s genetic therapie. The devil wants to influence people in very demonic ways by that. Please we need to pray for Israel first and also for the whole world that the plan of the evil is blocked. The corona virus and all the lock downs has find an end. People of our family shall not receive the vaccines, which causes dead all over the world.

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